About Carling Wong-Renger

Artist Statement 

“Painted Garden of Life, and Beauty Within.” 

Inspired by the rich Christian symbolism within Renaissance art, Dutch Vanitas still life and Greek mythology. I explore the theme of an earthly botanical garden that only exist within, being care for by daily devotion of sowing, weeding and watering. The floral metaphors are mean to express the fleeting moments in our experience as human beings. Seasons come and gone, yet the beauty return year after year in the renewal of nature beyond our grips. With this ongoing artistic experiment, I continue to explore repertoire of unique floral, botanical and natural theme, on my quest for timeless beauty. 

Artist Biography

I am a contemporary Canadian artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. After moved to Vancouver from Hong Kong as a young teen in the early 1970’s, my early art experience was deeply influenced by local Vancouver art scene within the Canadian cultural backdrop. I remember the weekend afternoons I spent studied artworks in the Vancouver Art Gallery at its former Georgia Street location where I acquired my first art purchase, an Andy Warhol silk screen printed poster. My artistic expression was enriched by the drawings and paintings lessons under the mentorship of Lesile Pools and Fred Peters during the years in the fine art program at a local college. I graduated with honours from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design shortly before the Expo86. After working as a graphic designer for nearly a decade, I decided to pursue my passion for oil painting full-time. I am grateful and continue to grow as I follows my artistic path, have my works exhibit in Vancouver and US. Currently I am a member of CARFAC and CIVA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Artist Project - "View From Here", Screen Time Virtual Exhibitions, 2021

Baugh Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2020

Metcalf Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2019

Schnormeier Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2019

Olson Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2019

St. George’s Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2018

The Center Art Gallery, US Group Exhibition 2018

Hycroft Gallery Duo Exhibition 2017

Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery Artists’ Choice Exhibition 2017

Harmony Arts Festival ArtBeat 2016

Beaumont Gallery Emerging Artist Exhibition 2016

Hycroft Gallery Duo Exhibition 2015

Jericho Art Centre Lounge Solo Exhibition 2015

John Richard Allison Library, UBC Solo Exhibition 2014

Yosef Work Library & Resource Centre VanDusen Botanical Garden Solo Exhibition 2013

Deer Lake Gallery Group Show 2013

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